Animal Healthcare Solutions

Innovative blood and biological sampling devices designed to minimize stress for the animals and maximize safety and efficiency for the user

Intelligent design
We asked the people who know animals best what they wanted in biological sample collection products. Then we took their input and combined it with our expertise in human healthcare to design simple, safe, ergonomic, and efficient devices for blood and biological fluids sampling for animals.

Safe and easy
Our bovine blood collection kit with retractable sharps replaces a needle and syringe and enables the ranch manager or veterinarian to take a blood sample quickly, efficiently, and with minimal stress for the animal. Less stress for the animal also means greater safety for the handler. And the TEGO™ blood cards can be sent to the lab through regular mail.

Population Testing
PRRS virus can devastate a herd. And testing each animal individually can be expensive and time-consuming. With the all-inclusive swine oral fluids collection kit, population testing has never been simpler or more certain.

Disease detection. Pregnancy testing. Genetic profiles.
Our animal healthcare are developed in close consultation with laboratories and veterinarians to ensure that samples are sufficient to perform a wide array of tests for disease detection, pregnancy confirmation, and genetic profiles.

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