Swine Solutions

The TEGO™ Swine Oral Fluids Kit is a breakthrough innovation for collecting swine oral fluids samples for PRRS and other testing. 

Clean and complete
The TEGO™ Swine Oral Fluids Kits includes everything needed to safely collect oral fluids from pen populations using one pooled sample. Kit components are produced and assembled in clean rooms to reduce the risk of contamination and ensure accurate results.

Appeals to pigs’ natural curiosity
Pigs are curious creatures and will eagerly chew the rope used for oral fluids collection. It usually takes only 20 to 30 minutes for all the pigs in a pen to deposit their saliva on the rope.

Safe for handlers

No syringes means reduced potential for accidental needle sticks. The kit contains rubber gloves, a specially designed oral fluid collection bag with a convenient tear notch—no scissors required—and a double-pouch interior shipping bag, which keeps the laboratory paperwork clean and dry while securely holding the filled sample tube.

Simply hang the rope, wait for the pigs to chew it, and then use the collection bag to squeeze fluids into a test tube.

Cost effective
Everything needed for safe oral fluids collection and accurate sampling is included. Testing the entire pen population with a single device provides quick, accurate answers and helps herd managers effectively manage devastating diseases, such as PRRS.

Laboratory testing

For more information regarding the results of collecting and using TEGOSwine Oral Fluids for PRRS population testing, please see