SampLok® Adapter Cap 2

Blood Culture Sample Collection

All-in-one adapter cap with integrated insert

Facilitates blood sample collection for blood culture and other laboratory testing

Versatile compact device with integrated safety lid for safe blood sample collection into culture bottles and vacuum tubes

Secure fit over blood culture bottle top--integrated tube guide snaps easily into place for vacuum tube collection 

Facilitates sampling with a wide variety of culture bottles and blood collection tubes

Product Usage
Product Information

Product Code

A100715 non-sterile

A100718 bulk packaged, non-sterile

SampLok® Adapter Cap 2 Brochure
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Packaging & Ordering

A100715 480/case, 40/box, 12 boxes/case

A100718 550/case

Product Features

Enhanced, next generation all-in-one adapter cap allows easy and safe blood culture bottle and tube sample collection.

  • Integrated safety lid with snap fit closure and integrated tube guide
  • Overall smaller size reduces biohazard waste
  • Multiple configuration options available