SampLok® Adapter Cap 3

Blood Culture Sample Collection

Small, Safe, Simple Blood Culture Sample Collection

SampLok® Adapter Cap 3 is a versatile compact device for safe blood sample collection into culture bottles and vacuum tubes.

Fits securely over the blood culture bottle top

Compact size--reduced biohazard sharps waste

Fits a variety of culture bottles and vacuum tubes

Product Usage
Product Information

Product Code

A100760 SampLok Adapter Cap 3 non-sterile

A100761 SampLok Adapter Cap 3 Insert non-sterile

A100762 SampLok Adapter Cap 3 bulk packaged, non-sterile

A100763 SampLok Adapter Cap 3 Insert bulk packaged, non-sterile

SampLok® Adapter Cap 3 Brochure
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Packaging & Ordering

A100760 600/case, 50/box, 12 boxes/case

A100761 840/case, 70/box, 12 boxes/case

A100762 700/case

A100763 1,000/case

Product Features
  • Cap design ensures sampling needle is well positioned on the culture bottle septum and vacuum tube cap.
  • Small size reduces biohazard sharps waste
  • Optional insert available for use with vacuum tubes and long neck culture bottles 
  • Compatible with a wide range of blood collection and winged needle sets