Segment Sampler

Collecting a measured sample from tubing segments has never been easier

Now there is a safer, more efficient way to collect a measured sample from tubing segments.

Segment Sampler provides a more efficient, safer alternative to cutting and squeezing of tubing segments as well as dripping sample from an open segment.

Use Segment Sampler anytime you need to obtain samples from a tubing segment.  Some applications include:

  • transfusion reaction workup
  • point of release tests
  • bacterial screening
  • ABO and compatibility testing

Simple efficient & safe sampling procedure

Obtain a measured sample from segment tubing

Reduced biohazard exposure

Product Usage
Product Information

Product Code

A200200 individually packaged, sterile

Segment Sampler Brochure
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Packaging & Ordering

A200200 360/case, 60/box, 6 boxes/case

Product Features
  • Efficient process to obtain measured samples from tubing segments
  • Recessed sampling needles in the Segment Sampler reduce potential for needle stick injuries
  • Integrated port for attaching a needleless syringe
  • Process enhancement and reduced biohazard exposure