Blood Banking Solutions

Proven solutions for the global blood banking industry with worldwide distribution and support

ITL BioMedical is a Corporate Affiliate Member of the AABB.

Safety comes first. 

It is our mission to make blood bank products and other biological sample collection, transfer, and management safer for everyone involved—from healthcare professionals to donors and patients to waste disposal staff. Our AV Fistula needle guard “Platypus”¯ and our whole blood needle guard, "Donor Care," set the industry standard almost two decades ago. We've been raising the bar ever since with innovations such as our bacterial detection sampling with integrated safety lids that reduce the risk of accidental needle sticks.

Efficiency is key. 

Biological samples should be easy to collect and transfer. Our SampLok Sampling Kit reduces the number of procedure steps to collect samples for bacterial detection testing while our TiMO Tube Management Organizer efficiently manages test tubes with donor collection bags – to reduce the risk of costly test tube mix-ups.

Economy matters 

Quality and reliability should never take a back seat to price. We know, though, that cost of blood collection products also matters, and so we work hard to provide excellent value for our customers. Even our product packaging is specially designed for economy and efficiency.

We sell our award-winning medical devices and kits directly to blood centers, distributors and to other manufacturers who integrate our components into their products or kits.