Clinical Solutions

Smart biological sampling devices and kits for hospitals, urgent care clinics, emergency medical services, home health, hospice and nursing homes

Patient care is dynamic. 

When lives are on the line, there is no time for second-guessing. Whether in a hospital, an emergency clinic, or the back of an ambulance, healthcare professionals can rely on ITL BioMedical’s biological sampling devices, biological laboratory supplies, and procedure kits to reduce the risk of accidental needle sticks and function efficiently every time.

We have a suite of proven products designed with the health care user in mind. Our sampling solutions allow safer and simpler sampling while also ensuring comfort for the patient. Our sophisticated laboratory safety product designs are streamlined with an ergonomic focus ensuring a natural fit into the user's hand.

Seconds count. 

Our SampLok Plus grab and go procedure kits have the supplies needed to collect blood and blood culture samples for further testing (test tubes and blood culture bottles not included). Our laboratory safety products are cross compatible, versatile and efficient to use, which saves time.